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  Psychological services

  • Providing counselling/psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and children, to individuals, couples,  

      families and groups through face-to-face and online sessions. English, French and other                        languages

  • Offering Coaching around professional growth, challenges and orientation to individuals and groups 

  • Advising on referrals for psychological assessments (ADHD, ASD, Dys)

  • Advising on appropriate support through our professional ties with psychiatrists, medical practitioners, hospitals and other professionals in Fontainebleau and Paris

  • Facilitating support groups upon demand





 Creating, presenting and facilitating workshops for adults and young people in the following areas:




  •  The challenges and rewards of high mobility

  •   Empathic communication and active listening skills 

  •   Parenting Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

  •   Listening to our children

  •   Adult ADHD

  •   Parenting Children and Teens with ADHD


  Young People:

  •    Being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and Identity

  •    Helping young people transition from lycée to further education

  •    Anti-bullying awareness  

  •    Stress reduction support groups

  •    ADHD


  A minimum of 6 participants is required for our workshops and groups

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