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 Frequently asked questions about the network of professionals we work with:

  Coach - trained to understand the psychological dynamics in organisations and groups.  Coaching helps people build an understanding of the systems they are a part of, and an awareness of their behaviour patterns, as they seek to be better managers, leaders, or simply happier in their roles.

  Counsellor - trained to focus on the clients’ experiences, concerns and difficulties.  Helps clients understand their patterns of thoughts, behaviours, feelings and the ways in which these maybe problematic in their lives.  Training as a counsellor involves learning how to enable people to develop an understanding of themselves and to make changes in their lives.

  Psychologist - trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of emotional, mental and behavioral issues also covering more complex mental health conditions. Assessment may lead to advice, counselling or therapy. Together with the client, they formulate a program of treatment according to the client’s needs to promote positive growth, well-being and mental health.

  The talking therapy process when working as a counsellor or a clinical psychologist is the same and is known as psychotherapy (feeling better psychologically). The terms counselling or psychotherapy are often used interchangeably.

  Psychiatrist- are doctors trained in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental ill health.  Psychiatrists may prescribe medication and/or counselling/psychotherapy.  


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